The CELL-LINK is the latest innovation from SPYPOINT. Primarily intended to connect already existing cameras via the SD card slot with the CELL-LINK. This also allows classic game cameras to send images, which can be retrieved via the SPYPOINT app.

We explicitly point out that a SPYPOINT CELL-LINK has a SIM lock. The device can therefore only be used with the included SIM card. Operation with SIM cards from other providers is not possible.

Universal compatibility

Via the SD card slot


Photo transmission

Available subtitles: English, French, German

The CELL-LINK from SPYPOINT turns almost any classic game camera into a camera with data transmission. Save time and money, because you no longer need to read out memory cards in the field. Another advantage is that with the CELL-LINK you can also enjoy the buck tracker and use the data plans. You can also manage your cameras via the SPYPOINT app.

Thanks to the LTE connection, the CELL-LINK is future-proof and reliable.

  • Universally applicable
  • Compatible with LIT-10 battery pack
  • LTE transmission
The CELL-LINK is connected to your camera by means of a data cable. Plug the data cable into the SD card slot of your camera, guide the cable to the bottom of your camera and close the cover. The flexible, rubberized cable is designed to close inside the camera door and maintain your camera’s weatherproofing. Then connect the other end of the cable to the CELL-LINK and install it above the camera.


Transmission standard



Preactivated included

Photo transmission


CELL-LINK configurable?

Yes, via SPYPOINT-App


Memory card

Requires a micro SD card (not included) up to 32 GB

Power supply

8x AA(R6) batteries (not included)

Optional power supply

LIT-10 battery pack (not included)

External power supply

12V connector

  • Data cable (standard SD)
  • Quick start guide
  • SIM card
  • Strap for mounting

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