The Evolution of the Revolution.

With the LM2, SPYPOINT launches a worthy successor to the LINK-MICRO. With great performance in a small format, SPYPOINT manages to improve a revolutionary camera even further. The LM2 brings everything you already know from the LINK-MICRO and even more!

Key features

  • Image transmission
  • 20 Megapixels
  • Optimized antenna
  • 0.5 seconds trigger
  • 27 meters flash and detection range

Provide added value for every hunter

Free photo transmission 
100 images. Every month. No fees. No commitments.


3 reasons to switch to data transmission cameras


The images from the camera come directly to the smartphone every day



The game in the hunting ground is no longer disturbed so often, trips to read out maps are no longer necessary



Flexible photo transfer plans from completely free to unlimited images

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