Data plans

For the first 30 days (7 days for CELL-LINK) after activating your camera, use the premium data plan. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the functions of your camera and find the setting that suits you and your application area. After these 30 (7) days, you will automatically switch to the free data plan. This includes 100 images that you can transfer. Afterwards the camera works like an “ordinary” trail camera. Nothing is lost to you.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose one of three data plans with costs. Here you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually, whereby you save 20% with annual mode of payment!

After expiry of the chargeable plan, the free plan is automatically used again. So you only pay if you wish and have full cost control.

Please note that a booked plan only counts for ONE camera. If you have several cameras in your user account, you must book a separate data plan for each camera.

Valid from 01.05.2019!


With the free Spypoint LINK app you always have your camera with you. Whether you are at home or relaxing on holiday, you can always monitor your area or property and configure your camera.

You can download the SPYPOINT LINK app from the App Store (Apple/iOS) or the Play Store (Google/Android). Setting up the camera is quick and easy. The operation of the camera via the app is intuitive and the user interface is simple, so that you can find your way around quickly.

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